Which Bills Have Passed in Utah?

After the veto override of HB11, the General Session of the 64th Legislature has come to an end, leaving 515 bills that have passed both chambers and 495 bills that were signed into Laws.

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Throughout the 45-day session, legislators debated over a wide range of matters: from COVID-19 restrictions (HB63) , HB182) to water conservation (HB 37 , HB121 , HB168 , etc.). There was also a record funding to Utah’s public school which was increased by nearly $400 million (SB1 , SB2 , HB1, etc.).

Some Bills of Interest

HB374 Restricting access to sensitive materials in schools; SB115 Pre-empting firearm restrictions; SB102 Prohibiting use of phone cameras while in a Motor Vehicle; HB143 Increasing penalty for drunk driving.

While numerous bills, such as the previously mentioned, have been in the spotlight for the past few months, many bills didn’t get the same level of press coverage. Nevertheless, they may be just as important to lobbyists, non-profit organizations, or citizens who are attempting to keep an eye on their legislators.

How to Search for Bills That Have Passed in Utah?

FastDemocracy allows users to track legislation in a very intuitive way by going to “All Bills” and then searching by state “UT” and filtering by “Became Law”. To make it simpler, we’ve put together a list of all the bills that have passed in the state in this session.

See all passed bills

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